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Natsu Dragneel (ナツ・ドラグニル, Natsu Doraguniru?) is the main male protagonist of the series. He is a fire dragon slayer and resides as a current member of Fairy Tail, he is also the leader of Team Natsu. 


Natsu has pink spiked hair, scale-skin scarf, he has no shirt, but instead uses vest with golden edges, belt, black wristband in the left wrist, long white trousers and black sandals, he always carry his sleeping bag in his back. He also has his Fairy Tail tatoo in the right shoulder


Natsu has a carefree and reckless nature and constantly bickers with other members of the guild. He has a competitive relationship with frequent teammates Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet; Gray tends to insult Natsu, prompting frequent skirmishes, while Erza, an S-class wizard, represents a way for Natsu to prove how strong he is. Despite his reckless and headstrong nature, Natsu is a skilled tactician and can pick up on an opponent's abilities and weaknesses very quickly. He is
Natsu Fire

Natsu eating fire

also vehemently loyal to Fairy Tail, and does not allow anyone to sully its name. Natsu suffers from motion sickness from all modes of transportation, including trains, carriages, and people carrying him on their back. Due to using fire-related magic, Natsu can eat any flame other than his own for nourishment. He can also create fire from any part of his body. The size and power of the flame is a direct result of Natsu's mood, so when properly motivated in a battle he is recognized as one of the strongest wizards in Fairy Tail. During the series, Natsu consumes some Etherion, magic that is captured in solid form of a crystal, which greatly improves his abilities; his skin becomes scaly, and his speed and the strength of his fire are also greatly increased. This is known as the Dragon Force, the highest level of Dragonslayer magic, allowing one to gain the power of a dragon, this also happend when he consumed the Golden Flame that Gerard gave him fighting Zero.


Early YearsEdit



Natsu was found when he was a baby by Igneel, a powerful Fire Dragon who he calls his "Father", Igneel raised him and taught him how to talk, write, and use an ancient style of magic known as "Dragonslaying" (the fire form of it.) The cause is still unknown, but 7 years before the storyline, on July 7th X777, Igneel along with all the other dragons, mysteriously disappears. Natsu embarks on a lifelong journey to find his father, and on the way, he is taken in by Fairy Tail.
Natsu & Lissana


He met Erza Scarlett and Gray Fullbuster when he was about 8. When they were kids, Natsu and Gray fought every time they saw each other, and consistently upheld a friendly rivalry. Erza had to stop them, until she was again challenged by Mirajane, and they started another fight. One day, Natsu found an egg in the forest when he was training, very excited Natsu took the egg to the guild and asked master Makarov to make it hatch, but master reprehend him clearing that no magic could match the power of the love of bringing a life, but Natsu didn't understand until Erza explained him, the Mirajane challenged her to finish their fight, so they started to fight, while watching that Lissana offered to help Natsu to raise the egg until it hatches, which Natsu accept really happy, during that time, Natsu & Lisana developed a real close friendship, one day the egg dissapear and Natsu got freaked out, and started to fight with Mirajane who was making fun of him, until Elfman appearded with the egg saying that he wanted to take care of it but was embar
Lisana 2

Lisana as a teen

rased to tell them, suddenly the egg hatched and a blue cat with wings came out, Natsu then decided to call him Happy, because every one became happy when he was borned.

After a time, Natsu & Lissana had a talk about how they were a "family", latter Mirajane and Elfman got there and told her that they had another S-class job, and Lisana asked Natsu if he wanted to go, but Elfamn opposed. That was the last time he saw her.

In Fairy TailEdit

During one of his searches for Igneel, he ended up in Town Harujion, where he met Lucy Heartfilia, a Celestial Spirit mage, who was about to be sold as an slave. When he arrived to fight a mage who was calling himself the "Salamander" in a ship in the sea, he shown his motion sickness, Lucy used her Celestial key of Aquarius to take the ship back to the port, destroying part of it, once the ship stoped, he reveal himself as the real "Salamander" and shown his abilitys in the ancient "Dragonslayer" type of magic. after defeating the fake, destroying the ship, half of the port in the town and run away from the military, Natsu invite Lucy to join Fairy Tail.
Lucy & Natsu

Lucy talk with Natsu

Once in the Guild, he attacked one of the members for giving him wrong information about "Salamander", then he started fighting with Grey, Elfman and Loki but when they were about to use their magic, Master Makarov appeared and stopped everyone and started reprehending for the destructions they caused in previous jobs. After that she was shown another reason why he was called "salamander" he was eating fire meals. When he was about to pick a job, a little boy asked for his father Macau, who was a member of the Guild, after hearing that he hasn't came back from his mission, Natsu along with Lucy went to look for him in Mount Hakobe. When they arrived there, they discovered a white ape, who resulted to be Macau, who had been possesed by the demons he was fighting, the Balkan, they defeated the ape and rescue Macau.

When they went back to Magnolia, Natsu got inside the house of Lucy and asked her to show him her spirits, which she refused because it consumed too much magic, but she showed him the new spirit she bought The Canis Minor, after she made the contract, Plue, how she called him, suggest Natsu to form a team with Lucy, which he understood, to Lucy's surprise. After she agreed to be in a team, they went to a job to destroy a book from the great writer Zekua Melon. When they got to the mansion of the Duke of Evaroo they infiltrate and found the book, but where suddenly attacked by the duke and a gigantic maid, who resulted to be the Stelar Spirit of Virgo. After they defeated the duke, the stelar spirit they took the book back to the client's house. When he was about to destroy the book, the spell that Zekua put in the book revealed a bunch of letters that he wrote for the client, who also happened to be his son, after seeing the real book, they left without accepting the payment.

The Strongest TeamEdit

After getting back to the Guild, Natsu scared Lucy with the Dark Guilds, when Natsu and Gray started another fight, Loki came to tell them that Erza has came back,
Erza's return

Erza's return to Fairy Tail

and inmediatly stop fighting and try to get along. Natsu got shocked when Erza asked him and Grey help in her next job, Natsu accept under one condition, that Erza would fight him when they came back, which she accepted, so they went to the job along with Lucy. In their way to the job, Erza knocked Natsu out due to his motion sickness, but they forgot him in the train, there he met Kageyama, a member of the Dark Guild Eisenwald, who attacked him, after a short fight in the train and seeing a fulte with a 3-eyed skull, Natsu jumped out of it and landed in a magic vehicle that Erza had, then explainded what happended and Lucy told them that the 3 eyed skull flute was the Lullaby, a forbidden kind of magic that killed anyone who listen to the song played in it, so they went after the train and the Lullaby, wich led to Natsu again being sick due the motion. The chase led them to the Oshibana Station, once they got in, they found a platoon of the military defeated, then they found the Eisenwald Guild in the center of the station, with their leader Eligor, Natsu the woke up when he heard the voice of Kageyama, after Eligor got away, Erza orderded Natsu and Gray to go after him, but Kageyama and Rayure went after them, leaving Erza and Lucy to fight the rest of the Guild. Natsu and Gray got splited when the hall divided, Natsu started destroying the walls looking for Eligor, but was attacked by Kageyama, after a fight where Natsu easily defeated Kageyama, Erza and Gray appearded to try to nullify the wind barrier that was around the station, but Kageyama got stabed in the back by Karraka, an Eisenwald member, which made Natsu furious, attakcing him. After getting back to the doors of the station and learning the true target of Eligor, The Regular meeting of the Guild's Masters, Natsu tried to get out by running towards the wind barrier which only got him get wounded, then Happy remembered that he had Virgo
Natsu 3

Natsu Fighting Eligor

's Key and that they could use it to dig a tunnel and get out, Lucy then summoned Virgo, and dugged the tunnel to get out, but Natsu took Kageyama with them as he said "I won't feel right if he dies after fighting me". Natsu used Happy to catch up with Eligor using his Max Speed and started to fight, although Natsu was for some moments overpowered, his anger for not being allow to defeat Eligor allowed him to cancel Eliogor's technique and defeat him. Erza and the others arrived after Natsu defeated Eligor, leaving Kageyama able to take over the vehicle and recover the Lullaby to keep with the plan. When they got to where the Regular meeting was attended, they saw Kageyama about to play the Lullaby to Master Makarov, but when they were about to attack, they were stopped by the Guild Master of Blue Pegasus. When Kageyama wasn't able to play the flute a Demon came out of it, threatening to "eat" everyone, but he was defeated by Natsu, Erza and Gray, destroying the meeting place along with the demon.

When they got ba
Erza 1

Erza ready to fight Natsu

ck Natsu and Erza started to fight, but were stopped by a messenger from the Council that went there to arrest Erza, which got Natsu really mad. after that Natsu irrupted in the audience of Erza, which got them both to be put in prision for a while. After being released and getting back in the Guild, Natsu challenge Erza again but was easily defeated with one hit, suddenly everyone got put to sleep by the Fairy Tail "Mistgun", after they awoke, Luxus appearded and Natsu challenged him, but he refused, daring him to get to the second floor, but was stopped by Makarov. He then went to Lucy's House (before Lucy) and told her that

they would do an S-Class job. The next day they were asking for someone to take them to Garuna Island, but none of the sailors dared to go near the island, Gray then appearded and try to stop them until a sailor saw them using magic and offer to taek them there, Natsu took the chance to knock put Gray, tied him up and took him with them. the Sailor revealded the story of the island and why he had to get out of there, showing that one of his arms wasturned into a demon's, he the suddenly desappearded and the guys were sucked by a tidal wave to the island, Gray then accepted to go in the mission with them. When they got to the village and saw the mayor, the inhabits showed them that all of them, even the animals were affected by the "curse" turning them into demons, and that everything started when the moon suddenly became purple, so the mayor

Sealed Deliora

asked them to destroy the moon. The next morning they started to explore the island, looking for the reason of the curse, but in theyr path they found a giant rat with a maid outfit that attacked them, after Gray making it slipped they found ruins, when they got in the ground break and they fall to an underground chamber where they found a giant frozen demon, which Gray inmediatley recognized as Deliora, a demon that attacked his village when he was a kid, they has to hide when heard someone was comming. When Natsu tryed to attack the demon, Gray hitted him to stop him, grey then told them the story of how Deliora was sealded and how his teacher died, so they waited till night to see what was going on. At night the purple moonlight started to hit Deliora, when they get out to see, there was some ritual going on, they then saw someone in a mask that send his magicians to destroy the village, that's when they go out to stop them, Gray then attacked the guy in the mask, but he attacked him as well using the same technique, Gray then called the guy in the mask Leon, Natsu then tryed to attacked the magicians but was stoped by Leon, Gray stoped him and make Lucy and
Leon Reitei

Reitei Leon

Happy to escape, and pulled Natsu down the hill so he could be alone with Leon. Natsu with his body compleatly sealed in ice got back to the village. when he got back to the village, he fall in a
Leon's Mages

Leon's Mages

"trap" that Lucy prepared wich broke the ice, whe he got out they saw the giant rat flying ove the village with a bucket fullof a poisonous jelly, then they gathered everyone in the center of the village and Natsu spread the jelly so no one got hurt, but in chage, the entire village was destroyed. The female mage of Leon along with the rat got after the villagers that ran away, but Lucy got a hold of the rat ang go with them, leaving Natsu to fight the other 2 mages, after defeating the first one of the mages that used magic to nullify other magic by propeling his own fist with fire and making the second one to injure himself, Natsu went back to the ruins. After geting to the ruins, Natsu tilted the entire building so the moonlight didn't touched Deliora, then he started to fight Leon, but was stopped by another of the mages of Leon, that got Leon a little angry and he created a battleground for him and Natsu, but when they were fighting, they were stoped by Gray, who threaten Leon to use the same technique that their master used to seal Deliora, but when he was about to complete the attack, he was stoped by Natsu, who told him to stop running away, suddenly the ruins were turned back to normal by the other magician of Leon, wich got Natsu mad and started chasing him, leaving Gray to fight Leon. Natsu reached the strange magician and got stunned at the kind of magic he used, as it called it "Lost Magic" , just like the Dragonslayer magic, then the magician dissapear. when he caught up with it, they were al Deliora's location, suddenly, the moonlight started to fall over Deliora, melting the Ice Shell, so Deliora started moving but when Natsu was about to attack him, it was hit by by a cristal sphere made by the magician, Natsu get broke it, but it was inmediatly fixed revealing that the magician could control the time of the objects, Natsu then was overpowered until he used his fire to stoped the attack and create a smoke-screen to move behind the magician and finally landed a powerfull hit on it, unfortunatley the ritual was complete and Deliora was fully released, Gray then tryed to use Ice Shell once more, but he stoped when Natsu steped in front of himm, Deliora was about to attack whe he suddenly stop and started to crumble down, revealing that Deliora was dead years ago. When Natsu got aout, he freaked out by seeing Erza there, they went back to the village to finish the job, but when they got back too there, the village was fully rebuild, when they asked the villagers why they didn't investigated the ruins, they answered that they tryed, but never could go near them, then Erza Ex-quip an armor called "The Giant's Armor", that increased the throwing power and asked Natsu to go with her to "destroy the moon" Erza then asked Natsu to used his powers to boost the speed of the spear and they launch it to the moon, resultin on the destruction of an evil layer that was created due to the Moon Drip Ritual but much to everyones surprise, the villagers stayed as demons, Erza then explained that the layer affected their memory, making them believe that they were humans that turn into demons at night, but it was actualy the other way around, then the sailor that brought them to the island happended to be the son of the mayor, the next day they were about to leave but rejected the payment so Lucy got to keep the Golden Stelar Key and they went back to Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail Vs. Phantom LordEdit

When they got back, they got shocked seeing the entire guild completly destroyed, so Mirajane told them that the Phantom Lord Guild was responsable for that, Natus got pisssed off, and even more when Makarov told that they wouldn't do anything, that until at night, a member of the Phantom guild attacked Levi, Jet & Droy and hang them in the tree at the center of the town, which go tmaster Makarov furious, declaring war between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord. Fairy Tail attacked the
Fairy Tail 2

Fairy Tail's assault to Phantom

Phantom guild, Natsu then attacked Gazille, an Iron Dragonslayer user form Phamtom, just when they were about to start their fight, got stoped by an earthquake caused by Master Makarov, suddenly he fall from the floor above claiming being unable to use his powers, so they had to retreat, but Natsu hearded that the captured Lucy, so he took one of the Phantom members as prisioner to tell him where was Lucy. after burning him, the prisioner told him where the "Headquarters" of Phantom were, where he arrived there, Lucy suddenly fall from the sky, but he was able to save her, latter they got back to Fairy Tail. once there, they learned that Lucy was the daughter of the Heartfilia family, the richest of the country, she the suggest that if she went back to her house, everything would be back to normal. Suddenly the Phantom headquarters started to move to Fairy Tail, then a giant cannon got out from the headquarters and started charge a powerfull blast called Jupiter that was shot to Fairy Tail, Erza the ex-quip the Herculean armor, and tried to stop the blast, which luckily she did, but she was severly hurt in the process, Natsu then head towards the headquarters to destroy the Lacryma that generated Jupiter. Once he got in the headquarters, he faced a Fire magician, who turned out to be one of the Element 4, that controled flames around him, after a small struggle between both magicians, Natsu launched an attack that destroyed the Lacryma and stoped Jupiter. Suddenly the headquarters started to move in an horizantal way, and transform into a into a giant and started to move, giving Natsu another attack of motion sickness, when the other mage was about to attack, he got frozen and was thrown away by Elfman and Gray, that go to help, Happy then got out to saw what was going on, and not only did he see that the base transformed, but he also started to make a giant Magical Seal, then they got separated to try and stop the seal. when Natsu and Happy were runnign, one of the Element 4, Aria, apperaded, who happended to be the same one that attacked Master Makarov, Natsu fight him, but he was too strong, when Aria was about to use the same attack that he used on Makarov, Erza appeard, she then started to fight him and easily defeated him, stopping the base and makeing it crumble. After a moment, a message from Jose, the Guild Master from Phantom Lord, sound saying that they succeded in captureing Lucy, Erza then told Natsu to go and fight Gazille, who was about to hurt Lucy when Natsu suddenly broke in the room and attacked Gazille, the battle started in a really intense way, as Gazille turn his body into metal, putting Natsu in a disadvantage, until le laid a scratch on him, putting them even agai, but Gazille started to eat the iron in the floor, regaining energy, and overpowering Natsu, Lucy then called the stellar key the she gained in theyr last mission and summoned Sagitarius, that produced fire by shooting his arrows to the machinary, making it explote, which gave Natsu the chance to recover himself, after seeing Fairy Tail crumbleing, his fury nad the fire he ate allowed him to defeat Gazille and compleatly destroy Phantom Headquarters. Suddenly, the sky started to get cloudy and the earth started to shake, Natsu inmediately recognize that Master Makarov had come back, then a bright light appearded from the sky and then dissapearded, showing that it was over, then Natsu asked Gazille where he learnded his Dragonslayer magic, he answered that the Steel Dragon Metalicana teach him, but that he dissapearded, Natsu asked him if it was 7 years before, in July 7th, which surprised Gazille, wondering if it was just more than a coincidence, then they got separeted and Natsu got back to where Fairy Tail once was, Lucy then apologize for everything that happened, but Master Makarov told her that they would have done it for eny other member and so they started to rebuild the Guild.

When they started to rebuild the Guild, a squad from the Council got there to go through an investigation about the war between Guilds, then Natsu went to Lucy's House to give her back her Stellar keys, but she was gone, they then found a bunch of letters that Lucy wrote to her mom, and also a note from Lucy saying "I will go home", after getting there and saw Lucy's house, they gave her back her keys and got back to Fairy Tail.

Gerard, Seiglein and The Tower of ParadiseEdit

After a Job, they found out tha Loki was actually a spirit, The Stellar Spirit of Leo, he then gave the tickets for a hotel in the beach, where Natsu met a really strange guy, as he was extremly square, literally, he then attacked Natsu, suddenly the lights went out and all of them got attacked, when they got back, all the people in the place were turned into cards by a person that resulted to be one of Erza's old Nakamas

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Dragonslayer Magic: The Dragonslayer Magic is an ancient type of magic that allows the user body to create or turn any part of his body into an element that he uses, that deppends on who or how did the user learned.

Dragon Force: The user's speed, strengh and magic are greatly enhaced when achiving this state, his skin becomes scaley, like a dragon's


Salamander's Claw: Natsu covers his legs in fire and uses it to hit his opponent. can be also used to increase his speed.

Salamander's Roar: Natsu spits a column of fire from his mouth.
Salamander's iron fist

Salamander's Iron Fist

Salamander's Iron Fist: Similar to the Salamander's Claw, Natsu covers his fist in fire to hit the opponent.
Salamander's Claw

Salamander's Claw

Salamander's Sword Horn: Natsu covers himself in fire and throws himself at the enemy.

Salamander's Brilliant Flame: Natsu covers both his fist in fire and join them together to create a bigger and stronger flame and hit his opponent with it.

Salamander's Flame Elbow: Natsu uses fire as a propeler to increase the speed and imapct force of a single hit.

Fire Dragon Claw: A stronger version of the Salamander's Claw.

Fire Dragon Roar: A stronger version of the Salamander's Roar.

Crimson Fire Dragon Fist: A stronger and extended version of the Salamander's Iron Fist, instead of hiting just once, he launches a series of punches at great speed.

Demolition Fist Of The Flame Dragon King: A more stronger and extended version of the fire fist than his Salamander's Iron Fist and Crimson Fire Dragon Fist, he first use this technique when his demolished Ikusatsunagi with just one hit.

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